Wrap-Up August 2017

10th September 2017

Um, apparently, I haven’t posted a Wrap-Up post since October 2015. That was ages ago. I can’t believe how much has happened since then. Anyway, the gist: two years later, I’m still awful at blogging regularly.

When only considering the amont of pages read, September was an awful reading month. However, this is kind of misleading. I did read an awful lot, in fact: 54 episodes à 45 minutes = 40 hours of Nirvana in Fire. Now you might ask what the hell Nirvana in Fire is and why that counts as reading. NIF, or rather 琅琊榜, is a Chinese historical/fantasy drama and it’s so freaking good! So if you have some time on your hands, I highly recommend checking it out! And since I don’t know any Chinese – okay, that’s not completely true, I do recognise a couple of (totally useful) things now (like bì xià = your majesty) – I had to read the subtitles. Lots and lots of subtitles means lots and lots of reading.

Additionally, I also skimmed through a couple of horse non-fiction I got from my library. Since I only read those books partially, I didn’t count either the books or the pages.


Weeeell, after a good start in July, I pretty much failed in August, only finishing two of the five books and starting a third one.

  1. The Dark Horse by Jenny Hughes • 5/5

    A pleasant surprise! A fun, rather unconventional and down-to-earth take on three major horse novel tropes with stellar characters. I wish more horse novels were like this. Full review.

  2. The Invisible Library (The Invisible Library, #1) by Genevieve Cogman • 3/5

    An enjoyable yet unspectacular read. The heavy and confusing worldbuilding made for a slow start. Fortunately, the pace picked up, turning this into a Doctor-Who-esque steampunk adventure. In the end, neither the characters nor the idea behind the Library could fully convince me, therefore I won’t continue the series.

What I’ve Also Read

  1. Wild Irish Women: Extraordinary Lives from History by Marian Broderick • 4/5

    A very interesting albeit not ideally structured and imbalanced read. Some of the biographies were very extensive while others were rather short. Each woman had her own chapter, but the lives of many of these women were intertwined, which got a little repetitive going back and forth multiple times in each section to the point where I got rather confused who was doing what, when, and where.

What I’ve Read for Work

Disclaimer: I can’t really talk about the books, since they are scheduled for spring 2018 and haven’t been announced yet. On a sidenote, I’m so far behind on my reading schedule!

I finished three books for younger kids: a collection of stories for children aged 5+, the third book in a series for children aged 7+, and a standalone children’s contemporary/crime novel told from the perspectives of a boy and a special dog.


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