The readingrat’s true name is actually Cara. She’s 29 years old, has a bachelor degree in English and American Culture and Business Studies (yes, that’s quite a mouthful), a master degree in Book Science: Publishing Practice (yes, that’s a thing), and works as a rights, royalties and social media manager in children’s and YA publishing. She grew up in a teensy little town right in the middle of Lower Franconian (> Bavarian > German) nowhere. Since she couldn’t spend her whole time staring at the gorgeous landscape and grooming and riding horses, she had to look for another possibility to kill time. That’s when she started reading – and she hasn’t stopped ever since.

The readingrat is a shy creature, keeping mostly to herself. If you want to draw her out of her shell, you need to get her talking about books. But beware! As soon as she gets going, she’s almost unstoppable. Just try not to pick a quarrel with her. She’s the personification of stubborn and on top of that a perfectionist and can get a little complicated to deal with. But if you earn her trust, you’ll find a true friend in this lovely geeky-creative creature.

Besides her great passion for books, which shows in her massively hoarding and sometimes even reading them, there are a couple of other things that stir her blood. For example, she’s a horse girl with heart and soul and therefore still loves to devour the horse novels in her considerable collection (and she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about that quirk of hers). In general, she’s very fond of nature which she never tires of capturing with her camera. She especially loves to photograph flowers, preferably at the Botanic Gardens in Dublin. But any spot of the Emerald Isle is just grand, really. Since she lost her heart to Ireland over ten years ago, she’s always dreadfully missing her self-chosen second home if she’s not there.

If you’d like to find out a little more about her, just head over here. If you’re wondering what the hell the name of this blog is all about, you really should read this (in short: Ellie preferred being a little never sated fanatic readingrat instead of trudging through the pages as a ponderous bookworm). And if you’d like to know why you might be stumbling over some German pieces and posts, or are interested in her rating system, then you could be interested in this post.

March 2020

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