Newbies October 2017

The number one reason why I love Frankfurt Book Fair (beside meeting my bookish friends, that is): the tons of books I carry home with me each year!

Newbies Sepember 2017

Remember that I told you about my book buying yo-yo effect? Remember that I only got four books in August? Well, here’s the other side of the story … I got kind of totally crazy. I went thrifting, ordered way too many books online, got some at work, and decided to double the amount of horse non-fiction I own.

Newbies August 2017

Just with the Wrap-Ups, my last Newbies post was way back in September 2015. In short, I’m still addicted to buying books, frantically amassing more and more and then some more. This year, however, I’m alternating between months in which I buy next to no books and months in which I buy all the books. I’m kind of challenging myself to go as long without buying books as I can, but when I reach that point I can no longer stand not getting books, it escalates very quickly. Who would have thought the yo-yo effect also affects book buying behaviour?! August was one of the former, which is why I only have four books to show you, each a different format …

Newbies September 2015

I already mentioned in my Wrap-Up that September wasn’t a good month for me. I got rather depressed, which makes me even more prone to buying books than I usually am. Getting books in the mail just makes me so very happy – I’m pretty sure most of you can relate …

Wrap-Up & Newbies August 2015

At the beginning of August I thought I’d spend the whole month reading. After handing in my term paper, I was supposed to have lots and lots of free time. Hahaha. Nope. …

Wrap-Up & Newbies July 2015

July was kind of awful. Between trying not to melt, studying for my exam and writing my term paper aka analysing the catalogue pages of 345 titles – don’t do that, not ever! You won’t want to look at new releases ever again – I didn’t get much reading done …

Wrap-Up & Newbies June 2015

June was a really mixed reading month. The first week was really hot so I fled my room and spend some wonderful reading hours at the Botanic Gardens. Sunshine, a soft wind, the chirping of birds and visits from curious squirrels – that’s what I consider peaceful quality reading time. For the rest of the month, however, I moved more or less into the library researching for my group presentation …

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