Rating: 5

Review: XOXO

AWWWEEEE! XOXO was everything I hoped for AND MORE! If you’re looking for a super cute, wholesome, and fun read that screams for a K-drama adaptation because it basically already is one, then look no further. This is IT!

Review: Wechselnde Pfade (Pferdeheimat im Hochland, #4)

Ready for the next instalment in our favourite horsey Highland soap opera? Strap in, because this one has a lot going on – and going for it! I pretty much had tears in my eyes throughout. Not because it’s particularly sad, but because it’s particularly perfect! So let’s dive in, revisiting our established plotlines: the relationship between Laurie and Danny and the family feud – with the usual dash of social criticism …

Review: A Winter’s Promise (The Mirror Visitor Quartet, #1)

Sometimes, there comes along a book that completely enchants its reader, draws them under until they can hardly resurface. This was one of those. It’s a book with an old soul, one that feels like it’s been there forever. It made me feel nostalgic, enthralled me with an alluring world full of beautiful illusions covering a rotten core, with an awkward protagonist set against almost insurmountable odds, and a maybe-eventually-ship that’ll keep me glued to the pages until the very end …

Review: The Water Mirror (Dark Reflections #1)

There are books, and then there are books. You know, the ones that have turned into part of your DNA. This is one of mine, so it’s simply impossible for me to write an unbiased review. Instead, I give you my rave-y ramblings on the first instalment of one of my all-time favourite series …

Review: Wicked Saints (Something Dark and Holy, #1)

Wicked Saints is certainly not for everyone but it’s 100% for me! It’s been a while since any book had me this much on edge, this excited: There’s the Eastern European inspired world (always there for that!), a complicated inscrutable magic system (I like puzzling over that stuff!), a gripping dark and desolate atmosphere (gets me every time!), intriguing characters (hello, dark-and-mysterious-more-or-less-evil guy!), and an ending that left me quite devastated (gimme that second book already!) …

Review: The Book of Three (The Chronicles of Prydain, #1)

The Book of Three is delightful, fast-paced middle grade high fantasy with adorable characters, funny banter, difficult journeys, a multitude of wicked situations, and the realisation that being a hero is not as simple as it sounds …

Review: The Dark Horse

I was introduced to Jenny Hughes via the PonyClub, a horse themed subscription box service/publisher. However, we’ve got a rather mixed track record – the fourteen books I’d previously read ranging from one to five star reads. The ones I liked were pretty great, though, so I started buying the books that hadn’t been published in German. This is one of them, and I’m so very glad I did!

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