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End of Year Survey 2017

Late as always (but earlier than last year, ha! I’m getting better at this!): Looking back on the books I read in 2017 – the good, the bad, and the ugly (crying)!

Newbies Sepember 2017

Remember that I told you about my book buying yo-yo effect? Remember that I only got four books in August? Well, here’s the other side of the story … I got kind of totally crazy. I went thrifting, ordered way too many books online, got some at work, and decided to double the amount of horse non-fiction I own.

The Bookshop of My Choice feat. Die Spur der Bücher by Kai Meyer

Triggered by Kai Meyer’s Die Spur der Bücher, here’s a walk down memory lane: Remembering Libretto, the tiny bookshop of my childhood and teenage years, a handful of book orders and bookish incidents featuring Libretto’s very helpful bookseller Johannes, and a bookshop visit bringing back the good old times …

End of Year Survey 2016

Hey, I’m even a little over a month earlier than last year! As always, I semi-prepared this but didn’t finish in time, but wanted to finish it nevertheless. It’s supposed to be functioning as a memory aid for my future self. Anyway, here are some of the books I’ve read in 2016 and my thoughts on them …

End of Year Survey 2015

Yeah, this is beyond silly. I just have a talent for semi-preparing these and then never finish them in time. But I had this one almost done so I just didn’t want to delete it all. And it’s kind of nice reminiscing last years books …

Newbies September 2015

I already mentioned in my Wrap-Up that September wasn’t a good month for me. I got rather depressed, which makes me even more prone to buying books than I usually am. Getting books in the mail just makes me so very happy – I’m pretty sure most of you can relate …

Wrap-Up & Newbies June 2015

June was a really mixed reading month. The first week was really hot so I fled my room and spend some wonderful reading hours at the Botanic Gardens. Sunshine, a soft wind, the chirping of birds and visits from curious squirrels – that’s what I consider peaceful quality reading time. For the rest of the month, however, I moved more or less into the library researching for my group presentation …

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