Genre: Non-Fiction

Review: The Jumping Game

I’ve always been interested in horse racing, so when I came across this book in the publisher’s catalogue, I was intrigued, especially since I know next to nothing about anything else than flat racing. I hoped for some insights, biographies and delightful anecdotes of trainers and their horses. Unfortunately, that’s not what I got …

Review: The Bookshop Book

A book about bookshops – what could possibly go wrong? Apparently, more than I thought. In the end, it left me pretty disappointed. It was too UK-centric, too jumbled, too repetitive, and sporting some outrageous omissions …

Review: How to Be Irish

As someone madly in love with Ireland, I just had to pick up this book when I first came across it, expecting a funny, joyful, maybe even educational read. Unfortunately, in the end, it wasn’t for me …

Review: A Thousand Sisters

World War II is a piece of history that interests me a lot. I have watched numerous documentaries and like finding out more about stuff that went down back then. Being from Germany, my point of view courtesy of history lessons in school, documentaries, and the media has mostly been German-centric, so I really like taking on different points of view and exploring what happened in other countries. This book is one of those that provide insight into something I had never heard of thus far: I had no idea that Russia was the only country that allowed women to fly and become fighter pilots in the war. And what an incredible story they shared!

Fun Facts for LotR Fans and Those Who’d Like to Impress Them

Nerd alert! If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, this might interest you. I compiled a list of 9 fun facts about the characters, the storylines, and the writing process I learned in The Treason of Isengard

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