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28th January 2014

I got tagged! Yes, that came rather unexpectedly but I enjoyed answering the questions and even more making up my own ones for you. So thanks a million to the girls @ B-Team on Books for tagging me!


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Question Time

  1. Strand und Baden ODER Abenteuer-/Wanderurlaub?
    [Holidays at the seaside OR adventure/hiking holidays]

    That’s easy. Although I do love the seaside, I absolutely cannot stand heat. My personal temperature comfort zone is between 23 and 25 degrees. As soon as it gets hotter, my circulation is a bitch. So if I have to choose between rain or anything over 25 degrees, I’d take rain any day. That’s probably part of the reason why I love Ireland so much: it rains a lot but I don’t have to be afraid of getting a heatstroke. Furthermore, I just love fields and woods and mountains and their flora and fauna. At the moment, my ultimate adventure holiday would be a trail ride through Iceland.

  2. Wenn du dir eine magische Kraft aussuchen könntest, welche wäre das und warum?
    [If you could choose a magic ability, which one would it be and why?]

    First, I was thinking about mind reading. However, I decided that this would be slightly annoying and as nosy as I might be, I’m not really the spying type. Then, I thought about telekinesis, but moving objects with your willpower is kind of lame compared to other abilities. So how about flying? Well, I ruled it out in a second. It would be cool but it’s kind of useless. Still, it gave me an idea: travelling without having to get into a car or on a train or plane would be great! So the ability I would choose is to be able to apparate. Disappearing in one place and reappearing wherever I want, whenever I want would be so cool! I would totally use it to explore new and exciting places or just to visit my friends who are scattered all over Germany and beyond.

  3. Buchcharakter/HeldIn, dem du am liebsten mit seinem eigenen Buch eine überziehen würdest?
    [Who’s the book character/hero(ine) you would like to hit with his or her own book?]

    Actually, I find someone I would like to shake, hit, or neck for a great variety of reasons in almost every novel. Therefore, I will just focus on the series that has the most infuriating characters: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Let’s start by repeatedly and forcefully slapping Joffrey. And while we’re at it, how about Cersei, Tywin, Stannis, the Freys, the Greyjoys (except for Asha), Roose Bolton, Ramsay, Melissandre, at least three quarters of the Night’s Watch, Littlefinger, Lysa Arryn, Ser Jorah, Young Griff (oh, let’s just kill him already and be done with it!), and countless others. I bet I forgot some of the most slap-worthy ones (and no, Sansa is not one of them. Lay off your dirty hands off her or I will hit you instead! The North remembers! Always!).

  4. Liest du Bücher auch mehr als einmal oder muss es immer ein neues Buch sein?
    [Are you rereading books or does it always have to be a new one?]

    I’m the Reread Queen! Seriously, I’m almost obsessed with rereading books, which is reflected in last year’s stats: every third book I read was a reread. I don’t know why I love it so much, but there’s just something reassuring about going back to a world and teaming up with characters I already know. It feels like coming home and I know what to expect. Sometimes, I’m a little wary about starting unread novels. It’s just that I’m afraid of what is to come: will it sweep me away or be an utter disappointment?

  5. Liest du nur Romane oder zwischendurch auch mal Kurzgeschichten, Gedichte oder Sachbücher?
    [Do you read only novels or do you also read short stories, poems or non-fiction from time to time?]

    I’m so not into poetry! Ok, there are poems that I like, some that I even enjoy very much (for example, everything that is part of the Middle-earth canon), but these are rather exceptions. It’s probably because we used to overanalyse them in school. As much as I enjoy spinning theories and making up interpretations, I’m more of a straightforward person. However, with poems everything had to be exaggerated and seemed to be plucked out of the air. Although I do enjoy short stories from time to time, I rarely buy anthologies. Naturally, I had to read non-fiction over the last couple of years for university. There even were a small number of books, which I really enjoyed – Nudge, which is about (economic) decision-making, was actually really interesting and I really enjoyed the biography of John Nash – whose game theory also belongs to economic theory. Seriously, I’m a little surprise right now. I hate economics! Furthermore, I do enjoy a good work of non-fiction on horses from time to time. Oh, and I love The History of The Lord of the Rings, which can be so much fun. However, for the most part, I’m focusing on novels.

  6. Welcher (eher) unbekannte Autor müsste deiner Meinung nach viel berühmter sein, weil er einfach so gut ist?
    [In your opinion, which (rather) unknown author should be much more famous because he or she is so good?]

    Well, since Kai Meyer is my favourite author, I wouldn’t mind him being much more famous internationally. I just love his stories and his writing style. However, when I compared the German and English versions of Arkadien erwacht/Arcadia awakens, I found much of the latter getting lost in translation which is quite unfortunate. On the other hand, Melina Marchetta should be much more famous in Germany. Although I’ve only read her Jellicoe Road so far, I was really blown away. It’s one of my favourites of 2013 and I so cannot wait for the movie! Although there are a couple of her novels translated into German, this one is missing and all in all, she deserves more recognition.

  7. Hast du immer ein Buch dabei, wenn du das Haus verlässt?
    [Do you always take a book with you if you leave the house?]

    Pretty much, yes, especially since I have the kindle app on my mobile phone. However, I’m not as crazy as I once was when I was younger. Back then I used to take a book with me no matter where I was going. You could find me carrying around a book while hiking or grocery shopping.

  8. Was machst du mit gelesenen Büchern?
    [What do you do with books you’ve read?]

    I put them on my shelves, what else? I’m a collector so I can’t give anything up or away. With books, it’s the worst. They are my precious little babies and even if I didn’t like them, I cannot get rid of them. Still, I’m currently working on it, since I’m chronically running out of space. I’ve got four shelves and although I have some space left at the moment since I just got the fourth one, I fear that won’t last very long. Besides, one of the shelves is half-full with books I want to sell/trade. As soon as I’ve finished my bachelor thesis, I’m going to update my Tauschbörse.

  9. Wann ist bei dir das Lesefieber ausgebrochen?
    [When did you turn into a readingrat?]

    Well, I love books for as long as I can remember. When I was little, my grandpa used to read to me for hours and hours on end while I was painting my colouring books. However, when I learned to read myself, I so wasn’t into it. My Mum hat to force me practicing reading because I didn’t want to pick up a book myself. The first book I actually remember reading myself and loving it is Der Spuk in der Mühle [LT: The Haunting of the Mill], a horse novel by Andrea Pabel, which I read when I was 8 years old. I was staying in hospital over Christmas and was dying of boredom so I thought I would give it a go. I’ve been reading ever since.

  10. Welchen Auto/Autorin würdest du gern einmal treffen?
    [Which author would you like to meet?]

    Probably George R.R. Martin and if it’s just to tell him that he should get himself together and finish the series already! Furthermore, I wouldn’t mind him telling me what’s going to happen to my favourite characters, who will end up on the Iron Throne, and of course who’s Jon’s mother – although there is only one possible answer! Oh, and since we’re at it, I’d love to hear more about the pre-series events, namely everything about Rhaegar and Lyanna.

My Questions for You

  1. What is the silliest AND/OR the coolest book title you ever came across?
  2. What is your favourite cover of all time?
  3. What is your favourite quote?
  4. Which are the three books you would take to a desert island and why?
  5. Who’s your fictional character crush?
  6. With which character would you like to trade places for a day and why?
  7. How often have you come across a character with your name and did you like these characters?
  8. What is the first sentence of the book that is currently next to you?
  9. What is your geekiest (best/funniest/most embarrasing – you choose) bookshop incident?
  10. What is your current fandom obsession (can be books, TV series, comics, film franchises, …)


I fear I’m not much of a tagging person. It’s just that I have no idea how many followers my favourite blogs actually have. I will just ignore this rule and tag everyone who would like to answer my questions, no matter how many followers they have. So feel free to participate and/or spread the word. You are officially tagged!

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