Creature of the Capitol

19th February 2014
Fire is catching! My birthday candles gone rouge - on the kitchen table.
Fire is catching! My birthday candles gone rouge – on the kitchen table.

Creature of the Capitol – that’s not only the title of the bachelor thesis I’ve been writing these last couple of months, it’s exactly how I felt – a slave to the Capitol doing it’s bidding, writing, writing, … oh, have I mentioned writing already? No? Well, writing. 60 pages, if you want to know. Which you don’t because you’re probably sick and tired of my whining – at least if you follow me on Twitter. I really don’t know how my lovely ladies managed to cheer me on all the time. They were probably on their knees begging to let it be the 17th already while they tried to shut me up.

A couple of them also had the doubtful pleasure of proofreading this monster, which is an analysis based on Goffman’s theory on total institutions and pretty much states that Katniss is manipulated, shaped, and depersonalised by several total institutions until she is just a shadow of herself, the perfect, cooperating inmate, the creature of the Capitol. Fortunately, the Capitol didn’t manage to turn me into a killer, but I came close. There were times when I would like nothing better than throw my laptop out of the window and set fire to these damned books. Really, I can’t see them anymore.

But now it’s finally over and I’m back! In case you’re wondering, I really didn’t have the time for blogging; I didn’t even have the time to read! The last book I finished was on the 13th of January. I really don’t know how I survived this, especially since Cress came out and I still haven’t managed to read it while everyone else is already raving about it.

So, what to expect? Well, first of all I have to do some catching up, e.g. reading Cress. Then, I want to finish my book census including ‘a’ bookshelf tour as soon as I get my new DSLR camera. I also want to introduce you to some great music that got me through the last weeks and I have a couple of ASoIaF projects for March in honour of the fourth season that starts in April.

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6 responses

  • Ooooh, can’t wait to read those GoT projects *_* I’m still challenging myself to read book 4+5 before the new season starts 😀
    Can’t even imagine what is must have been like to not read a single book in such a long time. When I wrote my thesis I just had to read a couple pages every now and then or else I would have gone crazy

    • Well, I hope it’ll all work out. I wanted to write one of the posts last year but never had the time to do so and the others involve some practical work. I’m not sure how I will do those. Maybe I’ll make vids but first I need the camera ^^ ! Well, I’m sure you can do it! You’re such a fast reader.
      It was really horrible but I didn’t dare pick up a real book (I read a couple of comics though). I’m such a procrastinator I was afraid if I started a book and liked it, I wouldn’t stop reading. Happened before and always worked out but I didn’t want to risk it.

  • Piper-of-old-times

    Can I read it??? I’m sure it’s great! (I’m talking about your bachelor thesis, by the way, not about Cress)
    I didn’t follow you on twitter, so I rarely noticed you’re working on it 😉

    But now you’re free again, what do you think, care to read “Das Spielmannslied”? I wanted to send it to you aaages ago…!

  • Juhuuu Glückwunsch zur abgebenen Arbeit! Endlich ist das Ding weg 😀 Klingt aber auch furchtbar interessant, ich würde mir das zu gerne mal angucken. Kann mir aber auch vorstellen, dass du davon dann bald die Nase voll hattest, irgendwann kann man ja sowas auch nicht mehr sehen.
    Finde das Foto übrigens klasse und freue mich schon auf mehr mit der neuen Kamera 😀 Viel Spaß jetzt erstmal beim Lesen :]

    • Dankeee 🙂 ! Ich schick sie dir gleich mal. Du musst mir nur versprechen, alle Fehler brav zu ignorieren 😉 !
      Ich liebe es, Feuer zu fotografieren. Das ist immer so spannend weil immer etwas anderes dabei herauskommt und dann die schönen Farben… ich hab noch gefühlt 1000 andere Bilder von der Schale, aber die meisten waren alle hochkant, deswegen ist es das geworden. Die Flammen sind aber wirklich ganz schön in die Höhe geschlagen. Ich dachte ja schon, wir fackeln gleich das Haus ab.

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