Elizabeth Ross

Review: Belle Epoque

The only truly beautiful thing about Belle Epoque is the stunning cover. The content, on the other hand, could be a repoussoir itself: it’s positively plain, dull, and boring. The blurb made me believe I held a late 19th century Parisian version of Gossip Girl in my hands. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case …

Wrap-Up May 2015

May was such an awesome reading month! Although I had a couple of projects for uni, they didn’t take up as much of my time as I feared. Most of my free time, I spent with my head in a book. Not only did I read a lot, I also read a lot of awesome books …


They divide books into delicious morsels ready to be devoured – and sometimes we decide to eat up the whole serving tray in one go resulting in a major hangover with the flavour of our huge disappointment that there’s nothing left. They help us remember where we left off – well, at least those people who have awesome memory. Everyone else lets the good old bookmarks do the remembering. They are wonderful excuses to procrastinate – “Just let me finish this.” – “Only one more.” – we’ve all been there. Sometimes, they make us tear out our hair because they leave off with a cliffhanger and we have to stop to do annoying real life stuff or have to read half the book to get back to this certain point of view – or even one and a half books, in case you’re reading A Song of Ice and Fire. They come in different sizes and even more shapes to look their very best.

Monday Question: Any Pre-Orders?

Oh yes, indeed I have! There are currently 32 novels on my ordered shelf – however, most of them are from Better World Books or Thalia and just take their time to get here. But I do have a couple of actual pre-orders, too …

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