Wrap-Up August 2020

13th October 2020

What I Was Up To

I think this has to be my most social month in … forever! I basically went out with my colleagues every week! And by out I mean a farewell dinner, a couple of outdoor outings, and two leisurely walks, one with ice cream and one with beverages. It was a lot of fun! Should definitely do it more often. Would be even better if one didn’t have only limited options due to that raging pandemic.

Plus, work finally cooled down a little since my big project – our new website – has finally launched. I can now concentrate on getting to the many unanswered emails … and everything else! Plus, I got news that I’m going to change departments again come January. With an incredibly heavy heart, I will leave social media behind and focus solely on all things rights, which I’m really looking forward to! Under the current circumstances, I know I would have become more and more unhappy, so my head is quite sure I made the right choice and that a change of scenery is exactly what I need. My heart, however, can’t imagine a work life without social media. But who knows, maybe I’ll be back in online marketing one day. And in the meantime, I might be able to keep a fresh mind and focus on my own channels.

I also did get quite a lot of reading done – so much so that I don’t even know how I did it! However, this was the first (and hopefully only) month I exclusively read books for work! However, I managed what seemed impossible …


Still on hiatus …

What I’ve Also Read

Nothing at all …

What I’ve Read for Work

In a not quite unexpected because meticulously planned turn of events, I finally managed it! I’ve read each and every book my publisher has ever published! And by each and every book I mean content – naturally, I did not read a paperback edition if I’d previously read the hardcover and so on. I started this endeavour in November 2015 and as of August 2020, I’m all caught up. How many books, you ask? Well, about 320, give or take a few (I’m not sure I caught ever duplicate on the list), but a third of these are board books and picture books, so rather quick reads. But let’s dive into this last batch (for the time being. The publishing machinery never stops):

  1. Sagen des klassischen Altertums by Gustav Schwab & Dorothea von der Höh (Ed.)
    [Greek Myths]

    Yes, I actually read this monster. I always wanted to read the Ilias and the Odyssey since they are referenced so often in books, film, and TV. I actually managed to get through it more quickly than I thought I would. However, it’s not something that sticks in my head. I’ve forgotten most of it already. Especially the names. So many names!

  2. Im Bann der Windhüter (PaNia, #2) by Sabine Giebken
    [Under the Wind Keepers’ Spell (PaNia, #2)]

    Second instalment in this wonderful fantasy horse series! The ending got unexpectedly dark so I’m super excited to see what’s coming next!

  3. Echt by Christoph Scheuring

    A book with rather heavy topics: homelessness, drug abuse, exploitation, and suicide. I really liked the characters, but damn, some of their realities of life were incredibly harsh.

  4. Über uns das Meer by Sabine Giebken
    [Above Us the Sea]

    What a gem! I loved the writing, the setting, the characters, the topics, the (rather explicit, yay!) romance. There’s only one bone I have to pick: the ending felt a little rushed. Or maybe it’s just me wanting even MORE!

  5. Die Mitte von allem by Anna Shinoda
    [Learning Not to Drown]

    Oof, this one was hard to read at times. I wanted to hug Clare so badly. Her family (especially her parents) is definitely a contestant for worst ever. It hurt so much reading how they treat her – but it was also still hopeful because Clare carved out her own path and she has a great support system in her friends.

  6. Lang lebe der Zuckerkönig! by Kathi Appelt
    [The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp]

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t get it. This was such a weird book, I feel like I wasn’t in on it. I just couldn’t connect to these interwoven stories with a boy on the one hand and personified raccoons on the other.

  7. Galopp durch die Brandung (Die Pferde von Eldenau, #2) by Theresa Czerny
    [Gallop Through the Surf (The Horses of Eldenau, #2)]
  8. Donnernde Hufe (Die Pferde von Eldenau, #3) by Theresa Czerny
    [Thunderous Hooves (The Horses of Eldenau, #2)]
  9. Wiehern im Wald (Die Pferde von Eldenau, #4) by Theresa Czerny
    [Whinnies in the Woods (The Horses of Eldenau, #2)]

    Decided to end this readathon on a high note and chose to read these three books last. I really enjoyed this series, especially since at its core it’s equestrian sport vs. natural horsemanship with a dash of environmental and ecological topics, romance, and great friendships. All in all, I think the first book in the series was my favourite (I’m a sucker for all the tension between Frida and Jannis), but the fourth one is a close second.

Also: two books from our spring 21 programme (meaning I can’t really talk about them yet): a very cute picture book about a little dino and a fairytale pony adventure.


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