Wrap-Up July 2020

06th October 2020

What I Was Up To

It is not a good sign if you have to open your calendar app to check what actually happened in July. The months just bleed together in my head. All in all, July was a rather good month, though really stressful at work.

Anyway, I had a ten year anniversary high school graduation reunion, which was a bit weird with corona restrictions (we had such a lovely plan and pretty much had to cancel 90% of it) but it was so great seeing at least some of the people again. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday, sometimes like ages ago. Had a great time chatting with old classmates, though it also makes me feel a bit weird since so many are a) in a relationship b) married or about to marry c) have children.

I also went on a three-day hiking trip with my mum, which was also a bit strange. It was the first time I’ve been somewhere else (excluding the place my parents live) since March. It was lovely and I took lots and lots of pictures of butterflies. There were so many of them, some I haven’t even seen before.

The only really annoying thing (apart from spending way too much time at work) was an issue with a faulty socket. Due to miscommunication and/or laziness, I was without electricity in my living/bedroom for two weeks. Could have been resolved after one week if they had taken this a little more seriously. And it was dead serious. Turned out there was a loose connection which had started to freeze together. This could have ended in a house fire, but sure, everything was totally alright. Having no electricity also meant I didn’t read much for two weeks, but I still managed a decent amount of pages.


I decided to go on hiatus from this challenge for the next six months. I just couldn’t keep up anymore. Instead of putting even more pressure on my reading, I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on my very long reading list. This month, I continued one of the older SuBsalabim choices but I haven’t finished it yet.

What I’ve Also Read

  1. The Boob Book by Kristina Micotti • 3/5

    A book about boobs? Why the hell not! Unfortunately, it fell a bit short of my expectations. Still a fun book though.

What I’ve Read for Work

Still going strong in trying to finally tackle all the titles I haven’t read yet – plus trying to get to the spring 21 titles as well.

  1. Kirschen im Schnee by Kat Yeh
    [The Truth About Twinkie Pie]

    At first, I wasn’t sure whether I would like this book, but it really got to me. Lovely characters, a strong plot focusing on family and friendship, and lots of recipes peppered in between. And it also managed to surprise me, even though I expected something along the lines but was led astray anyway. A really lovely read!

  2. Jesus Jackson by James Ryan Daley

    I pretty much knew from the get go that this wouldn’t be my kind of book and it wasn’t. Neither the characters, nor the murder mystery, nor the religious themes were doing it for me. It’s in no way a bad book, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

  3. Grüne Helden: Ohne Plastik geht es auch by Nadine Schubert & Inka Vigh (Ill.)
    [Eco Heroes: Just As Well Without Plastic]

    This is the first non-fiction book for slightly older children in our new non-fiction programme. The text was a mix of things I already know and things I didn’t know yet and/or might try in the future. My favourite part is the illustrations. I just love the whole look of this book.

  4. Wunderbare Liederzeit: Ein Liederbuch für Klein und Groß
    by Various Artists & Günther Jakobs (Ill.)
    [Wonderful Song Time: A Song Book for Small and Big]

    This one’s a book full of traditional songs for all occasions. I was really surprised how many of them I actually knew even though I couldn’t quite remember the lyrics. Plus, the illustrations are a treat! Such a pretty book!

Also: six books from our spring 21 programme (meaning I can’t really talk about them yet): a non-fiction picture book that’s hands down my favourite book in the whole programme and I haven’t even seen nor read all of it yet; an adorable picture book with a familiar face; a very woodsy sequel; a story about an unusual new pet; the story of a girl trying to figure out herself (that one really hit me hard); and a story about a girl who has to figure out how to tell truths from lies.


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