Top Ten Tuesday #21: Rereads

04th November 2014


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Do I reread books?! Hell yeah! I’m the Queen of Rereads! Last year’s reread ratio was one third, this year’s ratio is slightly higher so far. However, much has changed these last couple of months. The number of rereads has plummeted; I haven’t reread a novel in two freaking months! I really need to get back on track, but right now, I don’t see it happen (and to be honest, it’s not that bad. I have more than enough books on my TBR pile anyway). That said: here are the ten books I desperately want to reread as soon as possible :

  1. The Libri Mortis Trilogy:
    Flüsternde Schatten, Schlaflose Stimmen & Lauernde Stille by Peter Schwindt
    [LT: Whispering Shadows, Sleepless Voices & Lurking Silence]

    My all-time favourite trilogy and it’s been ages (4 years, to be precise) since I last read it. I can’t wait to climb back down into the underworld of Paris! I’d love to describe it to you but I can’t find the right words. Somehow, it’s just perfect in every possible way! I love the balancing act between insanity and magic realism – one never knows whether the weird stuff is real or just happening inside Rosalie’s head – and Pylart is one of the most interesting villains I’ve ever had the pleasure to read about.

  1. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

    That’s kind of obligatory with the last movie coming up. The last time I reread it was in 2012 in preparation of the first movie, but I want to refresh my memory once more. Oh, I will cry my eyes out! It’s so much harder now that all the dwarves have faces and personalities.

  2. Das Geheimnis der Spinnenhexe by Henny Fortuin
    [LT: The Secret of the Spider Witch]

    I can’t even remember the last time I read it, but I love it so much! It’s a fantastic high-fantasy novel; a tale of family, magic, power and helplessness, trust and betrayal, and love and death – oh, and great character names!

  3. The Merle/Dark Reflections Trilogy:
    The Flowing Queen, The Stone Light & The Glass Word  by Kai Meyer

    I’m very much in love with this trilogy and have so many fond childhood memories about it – well, I wouldn’t consider crying my eyes out a fond memory in general, but in this case, I can turn a blind eye. After all, the ending was heartbreaking but perfect just the way it is. Furthermore, Serafin was the first ficitonal guy I fell in love with and the books are bubbling over with great and fantastic ideas. But now I need to move on fast because just thinking about that ending makes my eyes tear up!

  1. Lycidas (Uralte Metropole, #1) by Christoph Marzi
    [LT: Lycidas (Ancient Metropolis, #1)]

    Oh my, this one has the size of a brick but I love every word of it! It’s the story of an orphan girl, her best friend, an old alchemist and an elf, the secret underground metropolis of London, two old and rivalled dynasties, Jack the Ripper, uncountable mythical and fantastical and dangerous creatures, Rowan Atkinson lookalikes, speaking rats, fallen angels, deceiving heartthrobs, novels and poems and stories, destiny, non-existent coincidences, endless dangers, dark and lethal secrets, dreams and fears, love and death, heaven and hell, and it is the story of the mysterious Lycidas, ruler of the Ancient Metropolis (with whom I’m secretly in love). Yes, it’s a mess – but an awesome one!

  2. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

    I cannot really describe how I feel about the novel. I liked it a lot, but I was also a little frustrated because it was confusing and lenghty in some parts. And yet, I fell under its spell. It’s eerily beautiful and magical and somehow, I’m slightly obsessed with it. I would love to wander between the black and white tents and discover the enchanting secrets of the circus. In my heart, I’m a rêveur!

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1 response

  • Die Merle-Trilogie mochte ich auch sehr, obwohl sie mich zum Ende hin nicht mehr ganz so begeistern konnte. Trotzdem würde ich sie gern nochmal lesen. Und “Libri Mortis” befindet sich schon seit Jahren auf meiner Leseliste, ich bin nur noch dazu gekommen.

    Morgensterns “Nachtzirkus” gehört zu den wunderbarsten Büchern, die ich jemals gelesen habe. Ich weiß aber gar nicht, ob ich es nochmal lesen möchte, weil ich Angst habe, dass es nur beim ersten Mal seinen ganzen Zauber entfalten kann.
    Falls du es nochmal liest, bin ich auf jeden Fall gespannt, wie es dir beim 2. Mal gefällt.

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