Signs of Life #1: Freedom and Prospects

18th October 2014


And here we go again! Yes, I’m still alive. In fact, Ellie is freeeee! Yesterday was the last day of my publishing internship. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and cried bitter tears to leave all those great people behind. However, the last couple of months were kind of exhausting, especially with the Frankfurt Bookfair and everything that comes with it. In my case, a really bad cold. But maybe I’ll write a recap or something in a couple of days because it was totally awesome!

Right now, I’m just so glad to have free time again. Time to read, time to rearrange my shelves, and time to blog. I really hope I’ll manage to keep it up this time. Therefore, I decided I won’t write the missing wrap-ups and newbie posts, which in the latter case makes sense because the amount of books would be totally mental – even for my standards (oh, the perks of working for a publishing company…).

Since there’s yet again another strike today, my trains are cancelled and because I don’t want to go by car with this superbad cold, I won’t be able to attend the blogger workshop I’ve been so very much looking forward to. It sucks, but maybe I should just concentrate on getting well again. What better way to do so than staying the whole day in bed, drinking tons of tea and reading great books? Right, none. I guess I’ll be starting with Pride & Prejudice today and then – well, I’ve got over 1,700 options to read myself away in every possible way imaginable.

Happy reading, y’all!

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