Top Ten Tuesday #7: Best and Worst Movie Adaptations

I must admit that I’m not easy to please when it comes to book-to-movie adaptations. In my opinion, the adaptation cannot be too faithful to the novel. Every change, even if it is tiny, is noticed and although I can turn a blind eye to quite a lot of changes, there are some that drive me crazy. I know that I’m not living in a perfect world in which one to one adaptations are possible, but still. Therefore, it was really difficult to come up with good and faithful adaptations so I decided to give you a mix of different scenarios …


Top Ten Tuesday #6: Most Intimidating Books

First, I didn’t come up with enough books and in the end, I had too many – anyway, here are my top ten books that are intimidating either because of their size, because I didn’t even want them to exist or because I’m a little frightened I will dislike them.


Top Ten Tuesday #5: Best Books of the First Half of 2013

Coincidentally, there are exactly ten books on my first reads favourites 2013 shelf. They are listed according to the date I read them from January to June …


Top Ten Tuesday #4: Books at the Top of My Summer TBR List

There are so many books that I’d love to read over the summer! Here are the top ten books I just have to read in the next couple of months …


Top Ten Tuesday #3: Books Featuring Travel

My top ten features travels to exotic countries, travels via magical and mundane transportation, travel in space, travels in fantasy worlds, and travels on horseback …


Top Ten Tuesday #2: Books Dealing with Tough Subjects

Today is actually the Top Ten Tuesday Freebie but instead of coming up with my own topic, I’d like to give you the Top Ten Books Dealing with Tough Subjects which was the theme on May 14. I’d written about three quarters of the post when a friend persuaded me to watch Iron Man 3 with her and therefore never came to finish it in time. So here we go …


Top Ten Tuesday #1: Favourite Covers of Books I’ve Read

Gosh, I had a really hard time to decide on only ten covers. At first, I wanted to do a top ten for horse novels and one for all other genres, but that felt like cheating. So I split it up into two top fives. I’m quite glad that not all of the German books I’ve read have covers on Goodreads or else I would never have been able to decide.

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