Review: Code Name Verity

There are not enough positive words in this world to do justice to Code Name Verity. It is utterly brilliant, intriguing, shocking – and it will rip out your heart. Thrice. Not that there was anything left after the first time … But isn’t that just the way we like our novels? Don’t we all adore magnificent writing, stunning plots, and believable characters? Unforgettable tales of loyalty and betrayal, of trust and fortitude even in the face of torment and fear? If you can’t answer these questions with a resounding YES, then you cannot be helped. This, my dear readingrats is the story of a friendship so strong and true, written so perfectly that it comes to life before the reader’s eyes . . .

Review: Seelen

I tried to like it. I really did, but The Host also failed to win me over on my second attempt to finish this book. The idea itself had the potential of becoming a gripping, fast-paced sci-fi action thriller, but the execution emphasised all the wrong aspects turning it into an often boring and lengthy tale that focuses on a questionable love triangle propped by flat characters and a story that sometimes seems to move rather backwards instead of getting anywhere at all. The ending could have saved the novel by breaking through my wall of indifference – if the novel had actually ended there.

Review: Imaginary Girls

Fascinatingly weird and ominous, this book poses more questions than it bothers to answer. The reader is depending on Chloe’s narration about her persuasive older sister Ruby, the drowned town of Olive, and an incident extinguished from the memory of the town inhabitants that keeps the reader wondering what is real and what is imagination . . .

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