The Mortal Instruments

The Happy Place Five #9: Book Recs from Friends

What would my bookshelves be without the recommendations of my friends? Well, much more empty for sure and my bank account would be quite happy as well! Not complaining, though! Because if it weren’t for books, I wouldn’t have any friends at all. There are so many books and friends I could mention here, it was hard to pick, so I decided to go waaaay back. And somehow this turned out more like a walk down memory lane than a proper rec list. But hey, you get nice anecdotes out of it …

Newbies February 2015

My first newbie post since May 2014. That’s probably a good thing since this means you didn’t really get to see how crazy I went last year. This year also started … well, it was my birthday in January, so what did you expect?! Since I’m lazy, I’m not going to talk about all the books I got in January but jump right into February …

Wrap-Up September 2013

Well, well, September was a month of ups and downs. I started quite well, couldn’t concentrate on reading for most of the month just to come back really strong. All in all, I didn’t read that many books but quite a lot of pages. I came so close to crack the 3000 pages mark, but came short because I forgot to read on the last day …

Top Ten Tuesday #6: Most Intimidating Books

First, I didn’t come up with enough books and in the end, I had too many – anyway, here are my top ten books that are intimidating either because of their size, because I didn’t even want them to exist or because I’m a little frightened I will dislike them.

Newbies March 2013

So much for sticking to the book-buying ban from the TBR-Reduction-Extreme challenge. But hey, you haven’t seen what I’ll get in April. This is next to nothing compared to my Easter haul!

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