Reading List July 2013

Dear God, why is it July again?! A moment ago, it was still January. How fast time always flies … But that it has to be July of all things. July means endless work for me because it’s the month of exams. This year, I have three (if I’m lucky only two) written and one oral exam – if everything works out fine. At university, there’s some chaos regarding that exam and furthermore I keep struggling with a few bureaucratic problems. One is spared nothing! Therefore, July is technically equivalent to reading recession. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be but usually, I get a craze for reading when I don’t have the time. How it will turn out this time remains to be seen …

Reading List June 2013

Let’s call May an epic fail! It started out so great that I thought for a moment that I would get through my utopian reading list, but then I got distracted by four good reasons to spend my time not reading. Very well, so here we are again with basically most of the May list. I’m going to leave the last two slots empty because I cannot decide which ones to choose …

Reading List May 2013

In April, I hardly had the time to read thanks to university. Admittedly, my reading list was utopian and hardly manageable, but I always like to plan more and hope that I would take it as an incentive to read more. Now, I have to transfer the still utopian list into May, whether I want it or not. I hope that I will have more time to read due to the holidays and can work off a few books at least.

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