Diana Gabaldon

Currently Reading #1: Outlander

I got my German copy of Outlander at a large secondhand book sale in March. Back then, I had only heard of the series once or twice but didn’t even know what it’s all about. First and foremost, I bought it because it was cheap and I remembered some bloggers talking about it. That was quite enough to recommend it to me. Soon afterwards, I found out that there would be a TV series and became mildly excited. Still, the book ended up on my TBR pile …

Newbies March 2014

Err … what happened? Seriously, what the hell happened?!

So, I was really down after I failed to reach my goal of reducing my TBR pile by two books in February because I sacrificed my reading time in order to sew my sister a Little Red cape for carnival. Yeah, I’m an awesome big sister, I know. Therefore, my book-buying abstinence was all for nothing. Then I went to Munich to visit Ric and went to a big book flea market. Then I realised that I hadn’t rewarded myself for finishing my bachelor thesis. Then I ordered books. And more books. Aaaaand just a couple of more books. It’s always the same. At least, I got most of them second hand thus cheap. Enjoy! …

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