Cecelia Ahern

Review: Für immer vielleicht

When I paused for the first time on page 118, I was a little scared. I thought I was getting old, mature, more grown up – whatever you want to call it. Why? Well, this wasn’t the first time I picked up Where Rainbows End. I tried to read it when I was 17 or 18. Tried, because I trudged through the first 80 pages and then gave up. I was bored to death. This time, however, I flew through those 118 pages and actually really enjoyed myself. Who would have thought!

Wrap-Up May 2015

May was such an awesome reading month! Although I had a couple of projects for uni, they didn’t take up as much of my time as I feared. Most of my free time, I spent with my head in a book. Not only did I read a lot, I also read a lot of awesome books …

Reading List April 2014

As a matter of fact, I failed yet again to read the stuff that I put onto the March list. Of the eight novels I planned to read, I only finished two. I just happened to fall into a reading slump right in the middle of The Bone Season. Hopefully, I’m back on track now. At least I feel a little more motivated …

Newbies January 2014

Except for Die Liebe deines Lebens, which was a belated Christmas present, and the three W.i.t.c.h. paperbacks, I got all of the books for my birthday. I’m so glad that my parents want me to write wishlists and then actually get me what’s on them. After all, it’s still a surprise what I get since my lists tend to be awfully long and they just pick a couple of books …

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