Andrea Berlin

Newbies March 2014

Err … what happened? Seriously, what the hell happened?!

So, I was really down after I failed to reach my goal of reducing my TBR pile by two books in February because I sacrificed my reading time in order to sew my sister a Little Red cape for carnival. Yeah, I’m an awesome big sister, I know. Therefore, my book-buying abstinence was all for nothing. Then I went to Munich to visit Ric and went to a big book flea market. Then I realised that I hadn’t rewarded myself for finishing my bachelor thesis. Then I ordered books. And more books. Aaaaand just a couple of more books. It’s always the same. At least, I got most of them second hand thus cheap. Enjoy! …

Wrap-Up March 2014

Talking about my new camera: you have no idea what I went through to get that thing! The retailer messed up twice and I wouldn’t have it yet if it weren’t for a long phone call. It basically took them all of March to ship it to me. But it’s gorgeous and I adore it. Have I mentioned that it has freaking WLAN?! You can remote control it with an app on your mobile. So cool! Naturally, it was quite expensive but I wanted a new camera for ages. I’ve outgrown my beautiful EOS 1000D a while ago and it’s literally getting senile anyway. Ever since we strolled through Vienna on a rainy day in March 2013, it has some kind of error and frequently forgets that it has an SD card to which it’s supposed to save the images. It’s my own fault for not taking care of it properly that day. After all, it survived several wet holidays in Ireland and the UK. The new one is waterproof though I won’t test that anytime soon. I’ve been saving for the last couple of years but could never bring myself to spend that much money. When I finished my bachelor thesis, I decided that it was time to reward myself – although I didn’t know whether the thesis was any good. Turns out it was and now my new camera answers to the illustrious name of Katniss EOS-70D-een …

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