TBR Reduction Extreme 2015

Challenge hosted by Crini @ All About Books and Tascha @ kattiesbooks

And yet again, I’ve no idea why I still even consider entering. Alas, I almost didn’t this year. That is, I more or less purposefully forgot to enter before the deadline, but because Crini had to open up the list once more to find enough candidates for the battle mode, I got a second chance – and I took it. Last year was horrible. I only achieved my goal once and all in all increased my TBR pile by something over 200 books. I was in crazy hamster mode. This year, I pledge to actually reduce my TBR. It’s around 960 books at the moment and I really truly don’t want to make it to four digits. Plus, I’m going to be on a low budget because Munich’s just crazy expensive. My goal is yet again to reduce my TBR by 2 books a month.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Read* 11 12 6 5 13 11 6 4 12 10 9
Aquired 25 13(-5)** 7 6 17(-1) 2 8 13 71 40(-1) 9
TBR 14 -4 1 1 3 -9 2 9 59 19 0
Achieved goal? No Yes No No No Yes No No
No No No
Mini challenge? No No No No No No No No No No No
Lots 1  1    

*only first reads, of course
** numbers in brackets indicate the number of books I sorted out

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