Challenge Time: French Reloaded

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the following scenario:

At some point, you’ve started to learn another language for one reason or another. Perhaps you came to like this language but unfortunately, you never had enough opportunities to use it. In time, you’ve forgotten most about it. Then comes the day it would come in handy – but even the most basic vocab and grammar are gone. How annoying! Everything you had invested into this language was all for nothing because you were too lazy to spend time on maintaining your language skills.

Welcome to my world. This is exactly what happened with my French – and I’m about to do something against it.

Monthly Themes March 2013: Stadt, Land, Fluss

In March, we played a round of Stadt, Land, Fluss, an infamous German game that requires only a piece of paper, a pen, the ability to handle time pressure, and a considerable amount of general knowledge. If one’s convincing, one can replace the latter through a good deal of imagination (it can be a little like Scrabble – discussions and arguments included). So I’m not sure how it is called in English but it seems to be the equivalent to Scattergories with the difference that one uses the resources at hand. It is one of the long runners for killing time during free periods at school.

Monthly Themes Feb 2013: Books à la Carte

In February, Crini invited us to dine with her. We were allowed to choose our bookish dishes from the following categories: aperitif, starter, main course, dessert . . .

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