Challenge Time: French Reloaded

12th April 2013

French Reloaded

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  • Piper-of-old-times

    !Qué buena idea! Estoy haciendo lo mismo.

    Ok, English. That’s what I do with Spanish (and with English), so I can just encourage you to try it. It’s such a great feeling to have read a book in a “difficult” language. I suppose, reading in English is normal for you, and for me too (even if I make so many mistakes in writing… but it’s late right now, so just ignore them or tell me any day) – but reading in french (for you) and in spanish (for me) really is a challenge.

    Only two things more: I wouldn’t look up ALL the words you don’t know. It will definitely kill your motivation. So look up the words you really need to understand the story, and the rest will come in small bits.

    So how about I take the challenge, too? But I wouldn’t say one chapter per week for me, so give me two weeks, ok? I’ll tell you about “la hojarasca” when I’ve finished reading.

    Love, Piper