Books by Elizabeth Wein

Review: A Thousand Sisters

World War II is a piece of history that interests me a lot. I have watched numerous documentaries and like finding out more about stuff that went down back then. Being from Germany, my point of view courtesy of history lessons in school, documentaries, and the media has mostly been German-centric, so I really like taking on different points of view and exploring what happened in other countries. This book is one of those that provide insight into something I had never heard of thus far: I had no idea that Russia was the only country that allowed women to fly and become fighter pilots in the war. And what an incredible story they shared!

Review: Code Name Verity

There are not enough positive words in this world to do justice to Code Name Verity. It is utterly brilliant, intriguing, shocking – and it will rip out your heart. Thrice. Not that there was anything left after the first time … But isn’t that just the way we like our novels? Don’t we all adore magnificent writing, stunning plots, and believable characters? Unforgettable tales of loyalty and betrayal, of trust and fortitude even in the face of torment and fear? If you can’t answer these questions with a resounding YES, then you cannot be helped. This, my dear readingrats is the story of a friendship so strong and true, written so perfectly that it comes to life before the reader’s eyes . . .