The Golden Trio of Game of Thrones

19th April 2015

GoldenTrioI’ve been planning on writing this post since 2013. Never managed to put it out there before the season was already over.

Game of Thrones, my favourite TV series, is finally back! Another year of desperately waiting to be reunited with some of my favourite characters of all time has come to an end. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that I’m an ASoIaF/GoT geek. Although I only started reading the novels shortly before the series started – but always stayed ahead of the show – I followed the series from the first episode on. However, I’m not only rejoicing at watching a new episode each week, I’m also looking forward to what I dubbed the “Golden Trio of Game of Thrones“.

Episode Recaps by James Hibberd on EW

After I’ve watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, I’m always heading to EW to read the recap. Some of you might think that it’s superflouous to read a detailed recap of an episode one has watched just a couple of minutes before. However, Hibberd’s recaps – even the headlines – are first class. They are an absolute joy and so. much. fun. Sexposition? R-Mail? Westerosi names for rock bands (my favourite is still “Janos Slynt and the Gold Cloaks” followed by “Shagga Likes Axes” and “The Red Waste”)? Furthermore, Hibberd also points out character connections and provides backstory to some of the shadier plot lines based on past seasons and the novels they covered, which is nice for both sullied and unsullied viewers. If you want to check out past recaps, scroll down to the recaps section.

Twitter Recaps by FaB/Axechucker on

First off, in case you don’t know yet, the former staff of has moved on to a new site, because WiC has deteriorated ever since it had been taken over by a network. They are now at and are as awesome as ever. It’s the place where you get the latest scoop on everything Game of Thrones – casting, interviews, trailers, statistics, figures, jokes – you name it. So if you haven’t, go add them to your feed reader. It’s a must for every fan.

My favourite feature is the twitter recaps. A couple of days after the episode aired (last year, it was usually on Wednesday), FaB/Axechucker gives a partly annotated collection of the best tweets that were live tweeted during the screening. They are hilarious and reading them is my favourite pasttime when waiting for the next episode. You’ll find this season’s recaps here, if you want to check out the ones from the past seasons, you can go here.

Facebook Recaps on Valar Bloghulis

“If Game of Thrones took place entirely on Facebook,” the Facebook recaps show you how it would look like. Every character has her own Facebook profile; they comment, like, post pictures, share links, and use the apps. Here and there, the writers, directors, and viewers are tossed into the mix. They are funny, sometimes hilarious. Usually, the recaps are published around the same time as the Twitter recaps but I let WotW tell me, when they’re done, since they usually post a collection of funny recaps at the end of the week. If you want to check out the Facebook recaps, head over here.

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