Top Ten Tuesday #8: Things That Make My Life as a Reader/Book Blogger Easier

20th August 2013


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
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If I’d really wanted, I would easily find ten things that make my life as a little blogging readingrat easier. However, I decided to concentrate on the things that are most important to me which happens to be only three.

  1. My Parents

    I think it’s not easy to have such a strange daughter like me. Instead of doing all the things a ‘normal’ child and teenager would do, I spend most of my childhood and teenage years behind the cover of a book. I didn’t go out to socialise and if I made an exception, I always had a book in my bag, I spend all my money on books, I found other fantasy obsessed readingrats on the internet and travelled through Germany to meet them all. Slowly but steadily, my small room turned into a library, but no matter what I did, my parents were ok with it. They supported my reading obsession in every possible way. When my shelves were in danger of cracking under the pressure of too many books, they got me additional ones – even one that was specifically made just for me (and which cost a fortune). When I write them wishlists for Christmas and my birthday, they take them gladly and get me all the YA books I want – although they tried to tell me from time to time that I should read some ‘proper’ literature. I couldn’t wish for better and more supportive parents.

  2. Goodreads

    I can’t even imagine a life without Goodreads anymore. I just love this site so much – and am majorly obsessed. It’s my favourite social network by far and the first page I go to when I open a browser. It’s just such a great resource and a great way to keep track of all the details of my reading habits I would otherwise probably forget. It makes it so easy to find new books, track my reading progress and thoughts, and socialise with fellow readingrats.

  3. My Fellow Readingrats

    I really love the whole community of book bloggers/tubers and feel honoured to be a part of it. It’s such an amazing pool of creativity and knowledge. All the readingrats are happy to help one find new books or prevent one from reading others, and they have all the juicy details on upcoming books, cover reveals and oh, all the drama!

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6 responses

  • How nice to think of your parents. My mom took us to the library all the time when we were little. She read to us all the time too. I’m glad I saw your post today. Thanks. Kelley at the road goes ever ever on

    • Well, without them, I wouldn’t be the reader I am today. They always encouraged me to read and my grandpa read to me for hours on end when I was a little girl.

  • Dem hab ich eigentlich nichts hinzuzufügen 😀 mir gehts da ganz genauso. Ohne Goodreads könnte ich glaube ich auch nicht mehr. Ich habs ja mal mit lovelybooks versucht, aber irgendwie hat mir da einfach was gefehlt. Und außerdem hätten wir uns ohne ja nich kennengelernt 😀

    • Ich glaube, ich hatte auch mal ein Konto bei LB, das muss aber ewig her sein und irgendwie wars damals auch noch relativ unbekannt, glaube ich. Aber wirklich, gottseidank gibts GR!

  • “I found other fantasy obsessed readingrats on the internet and travelled through Germany to meet them all.” – oh yes 😀
    I mean – I did the same 😉
    and thanks to you I am addicted to goodreads now 😀