Emma Raven


Top Ten Tuesday #36: All-Time Favourite Horse Novels

You weren’t seriously expecting me to choose any other genre, were you? To be honest, I first and foremost chose horse novels because I’ve read hundreds of them and feel more or less competent to point out my all-time favourites. For example, I still haven’t read many high fantasy novels that are considered classics or are widely celebrated, which means I’d probably miss the very best that might become all-time favourites in the near-future – if that makes any sense. In no particular order …


Top Ten Tuesday #25: Books for Readers Who Like Fantastical Horse Novels

Oh, your eyes are just fine! It really is „fantastical horse novels“. I could have gone with YA high fantasy, or strong female characters, or blue covers. But come one, that would have been boring! Why not talk about something out of the ordinary? …


Top Ten Tuesday #9: Books I Would Love to See as a Movie/TV Show

Well, well, one should think that it would be easy to find novels one would like to see as a movie or TV series. However, there are so many YA novels which are already in different stages of production that it was rather difficult to find favourites that aren’t already opted for an adaptation. Unsurprisingly, some of the following novels weren’t originally English or don’t even have an English translation and therefore don’t have an adaptation yet. If I’d live in a world in which book-to-movie adaptations were super faithful to the source material, these would be the ten novels I’d love to see on the big or the small screen …