Stats Round-Up 2014 #1: Newbies and TBR Pile

“I’m a book-buying addict, I’ve always been. I tend to buy more books than I will probably ever read and yet what happened in 2013 went far beyond my normal standards of crazy. I’ve never bought so many books in the course of one year before and I’m not even sure why I went over the top.”

That’s a quote from my 2013 round-up post. Well, if I’d known back then that 2014 would be even more crazy and over the top, I wouldn’t have mention it at all. I’m planning on integrating an extra page for stats comparison in the near future, but for now, just know that I almost doubled the number of books I aquired. That wouldn’t be that bad, if last year’s number hadn’t been 184 …

Confessions of an Addict: My TBR Pile

As you all know very well, my TBR pile’s huge. Okay, no, that’s an understatement. It’s 840 books ginormeous. Yeah, that’s right: eight hundred and forty freaking books of the about I-don’t-quite-know-whether-that’s-actually-correct 1,730 books I own are unread. That’s almost half of them …

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