Maurene Goo

Review: Somewhere Only We Know

Oh, the magic of K-pop! It just brings me so much joy whether it’s the music, the groups, or the books dealing with the subject – and this one was no exception. It made me stay up very late (you could also say early) so I could inhale it in a day. It made me laugh. It made me cry. And while this would usually mean I had a five star read in my hands, it also made me have complicated feelings that ultimately cost it the top spot … Let’s unpack!

Stack of five books in front of a light source on the left and another blurred out stack of books on the right. The stack is not neat but all backs face the camera. The books are from top down "Somewhere Only We Know", "Iron Widow", "You've Reached Sam", "Gearbreakers", and "These Violent Delights".

The Happy Place Five #13: Books I Meant to Read Last Year

A new year also means there are a gazillion books we didn’t manage to read in that timespan society puts so much meaning to and that’s now over and can never ever come back (though, let’s be honest, we’re all glad we made it through that one alive). For this month’s topic, we decided to pick five books that we meant to read last year, as in 2021, but didn’t get to for some reason or another …

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