Montagsfrage: Welche Reihe hätte niemals fortgesetzt werden sollen?

Da fallen mir ganz spontan vier Reihen ein: eine war einfach nur schlecht, zwei eigentlich schon abgeschlossen, und bei der letzten gab es mehr als genug Gründe, aufzuhören …

Top Ten Tuesday #11: Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders

From stunning and heartbreakingly good to disappointing and outraging: here are my top three best and worst series enders each …

Top Ten Tuesday #6: Most Intimidating Books

First, I didn’t come up with enough books and in the end, I had too many – anyway, here are my top ten books that are intimidating either because of their size, because I didn’t even want them to exist or because I’m a little frightened I will dislike them.

Monthly Themes April 2013: Bingo!

So in April, we have a game which does not need such extensive explanations as the last one since it is pretty universal: Bingo! I know that it varies from game to game, but Crini’s version of bingo is played with a card of 4×4 fields. For those who don’t know, depending on the topic of the game, the fields carry numbers (original form of Bingo), symbols, words, etc. For example, we had a teacher buzzword bingo in school using a teacher’s favourite expressions. Now, because this is a reading challenge, the fields carry criteria the books we choose to read have to meet. The goal is to read four books that form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row …

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