J.K. Rowling

Wrap-Up August 2013

Even though my reading month of August ended a little early since I went on a short holiday on the 26th until the 3rd of September, I was able to improve my stats ginormeously. I increased the number of pages read and finished a smashing number of nine books. This makes August my third best reading month so far this year. Most surprisingly, I was able to fulfil my goal of reducing my TBR pile by two books this month. This is only the second time this year that I get a lottery ticket in the TBR reduction extreme challenge. I still can’t believe it for I went book shopping in both Munich and Berlin! …

Wrap-Up October 2013

I can’t believe it! A wrap-up that’s actually in time! I’m still two or so behind, but at least I got this one done. By the way, I’m sorry that I’m currently posting so seldom. I’m just having a lot of stuff on my plate such as a linguistics term paper, which I procrastinated a little too long (but at least now it’s done), my Bachelor thesis, and a private issue that threw me off the track and now I have to get used to this new situation …

Top Ten Tuesday #6: Most Intimidating Books

First, I didn’t come up with enough books and in the end, I had too many – anyway, here are my top ten books that are intimidating either because of their size, because I didn’t even want them to exist or because I’m a little frightened I will dislike them.

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