If I Stay

Wrap-Up August 2013

Even though my reading month of August ended a little early since I went on a short holiday on the 26th until the 3rd of September, I was able to improve my stats ginormeously. I increased the number of pages read and finished a smashing number of nine books. This makes August my third best reading month so far this year. Most surprisingly, I was able to fulfil my goal of reducing my TBR pile by two books this month. This is only the second time this year that I get a lottery ticket in the TBR reduction extreme challenge. I still can’t believe it for I went book shopping in both Munich and Berlin! …

Newbies April 2013

Buying books is both my fervent passion and my worst vice. Sometimes, I even wonder whether it is not an addiction or an illness of some sorts, because I’m constantly buying – much more than I will probably ever be able to read. But, you know, they look so pretty on the shelves! …

Normally, I’m trying to buy in reasonable masses. However, if I find an excuse with which I can keep my conscience quiet, I forget all good resolutions. That’s what happened in April, because I thought that Easter would be a great excuse to buy tonnes of new books. Well, it’s my one and only treat after all.

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