Juli 2013

Review: Kalix – Werwölfin von London (Kalix MacRinnalch, #1)

Thank God, it’s over. Finishing this was a nightmare; I made it through eventually but not without heavily exercising my eye rolling abilities. Either I fail to recognise the literary value or this book is completely mental. There are so many aspects that drove me crazy that I don’t even know where to begin. It was almost unbearable to read, especially since I knew from the very first page on that I would have issues with this novel . . .

Reading List July 2013

Dear God, why is it July again?! A moment ago, it was still January. How fast time always flies … But that it has to be July of all things. July means endless work for me because it’s the month of exams. This year, I have three (if I’m lucky only two) written and one oral exam – if everything works out fine. At university, there’s some chaos regarding that exam and furthermore I keep struggling with a few bureaucratic problems. One is spared nothing! Therefore, July is technically equivalent to reading recession. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be but usually, I get a craze for reading when I don’t have the time. How it will turn out this time remains to be seen …

Top Ten Tuesday #6: Most Intimidating Books

First, I didn’t come up with enough books and in the end, I had too many – anyway, here are my top ten books that are intimidating either because of their size, because I didn’t even want them to exist or because I’m a little frightened I will dislike them.

Montagsfrage: Welches Buch ist dein Halbjahresfavorit 2013?

Im Moment dreht es sich verständlicherweise überall um die besten Bücher des ersten Halbjahrs 2013. Hier könnt ihr meine Top Ten finden, die Krone aber bekommt Jellicoe Road von Melina Marchetta …

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