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End of Year Survey 2015

Yeah, this is beyond silly. I just have a talent for semi-preparing these and then never finish them in time. But I had this one almost done so I just didn’t want to delete it all. And it’s kind of nice reminiscing last years books …


Wrap-Up & Newbies July 2015

July was kind of awful. Between trying not to melt, studying for my exam and writing my term paper aka analysing the catalogue pages of 345 titles – don’t do that, not ever! You won’t want to look at new releases ever again – I didn’t get much reading done …



They divide books into delicious morsels ready to be devoured – and sometimes we decide to eat up the whole serving tray in one go resulting in a major hangover with the flavour of our huge disappointment that there’s nothing left. They help us remember where we left off – well, at least those people who have awesome memory. Everyone else lets the good old bookmarks do the remembering. They are wonderful excuses to procrastinate – „Just let me finish this.“ – „Only one more.“ – we’ve all been there. Sometimes, they make us tear out our hair because they leave off with a cliffhanger and we have to stop to do annoying real life stuff or have to read half the book to get back to this certain point of view – or even one and a half books, in case you’re reading A Song of Ice and Fire. They come in different sizes and even more shapes to look their very best.


Top Ten Tuesday #24: All-Time Favourites From the Past 3 Years

Choosing 10 all-time favourites from the past three years (2012-2014) wasn’t as hard as I thought. The more books I read, the more choosy I become. I’m not as easily impressed as I once was which is indicated by the dwindling number of 5-star books. However, a novel doesn’t neccessarily have to be a 5-star read to become a favourite …


Top Ten Tuesday #17: Books That Will Be in My Beach Bag This Summer

I’m pretty sure that I won’t end up on some beach this summer, especially since I’m currently considering extending my internship, meaning I will probably work till October. Furthermore, I’m not the beachy kind of girl. I really wanted to go to Iceland this summer, but that won’t be happening now. Therefore, this is more or less a list of books I would take with me, if I were going anywhere …


Top Ten Tuesday #14: Books on My Winter TBR List

I have no idea why I’m actually still doing these lists, since I generally never read more than two of the books I put on them. Oh well, at least its fun! I’m planning on reading quite a lot of novels that suggest cold in one way or another …

Newbies 2013_10_B

Newbies October 2013 + Bookfair Haul

Ahem, this is even worse than last month. First, we have the non-bookfair newbies (the bookfair newbies are below) …