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Top Ten Tuesday #36: All-Time Favourite Horse Novels

You weren’t seriously expecting me to choose any other genre, were you? To be honest, I first and foremost chose horse novels because I’ve read hundreds of them and feel more or less competent to point out my all-time favourites. For example, I still haven’t read many high fantasy novels that are considered classics or are widely celebrated, which means I’d probably miss the very best that might become all-time favourites in the near-future – if that makes any sense. In no particular order …


My Shelves: 2004 vs. 2014 [Part 1/2]

Ever since I started blogging, it’s bugging me that I haven’t taken more pictures of my shelves over the years. I had so many different shelves and a million different arrangements since I feel like I’m reordering my books once a week to fit in all the new additions …