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End of Year Survey 2015

Yeah, this is beyond silly. I just have a talent for semi-preparing these and then never finish them in time. But I had this one almost done so I just didn’t want to delete it all. And it’s kind of nice reminiscing last years books …


Top Ten Tuesday #31: Best Books I’ve Read So Far In 2015

As a matter of fact, I’ve got exactly 10 titles on my first read favs 2015 shelf. I feel like I’m getting more and more nitpicky each year. On the other hand, I haven’t read a single one star book this year, so there’s that. Since there are so many series popping up multiple times, I also included some honorable mentions …


Top Ten Tuesday #30: Books I Would Love to See as a Movie/TV Show, Part 2

I originally did this topic back in 2013 but since then, I’ve read many books I’d also love to see adapted, preferrably in a world in which book-to-movie adaptations are actually super faithful to the source material and people who look just like I imagined the characters are cast. Wait, what do you mean there’s no such world? Damn, now I have to endure another freaky adaptation of The Mortal Insturments (I had high hopes because I quite like most of the cast – and then I saw this picture of Isabelle in her ‚classy white dress‘) …


Wrap-Up & Newbies April 2015

Yeah, I know, I’m super late with this. Thing is: I recovered from my reading slump, which means I spend every spare minute reading. This means that the blog goes short of my attention. I don’t know why, but it’s always either reading or blogging. Nevertheless, here are the couple of books I managed to read in April …


Top Ten Tuesday #29: Inspiring Quotes from Books

I don’t mark my favourite parts in books. Instead, I either write down the page numbers or take pictures with my phone. Afterwards, I go back and copy the lines in my little black notebook. Currently, I’m a little behind on transferring but I’m trying to catch up. I love browsing through all of my favourite quotes from time to time. It’s like revisiting the books I’ve taken them from; their hearts and souls contained in a couple of sentences …



They divide books into delicious morsels ready to be devoured – and sometimes we decide to eat up the whole serving tray in one go resulting in a major hangover with the flavour of our huge disappointment that there’s nothing left. They help us remember where we left off – well, at least those people who have awesome memory. Everyone else lets the good old bookmarks do the remembering. They are wonderful excuses to procrastinate – „Just let me finish this.“ – „Only one more.“ – we’ve all been there. Sometimes, they make us tear out our hair because they leave off with a cliffhanger and we have to stop to do annoying real life stuff or have to read half the book to get back to this certain point of view – or even one and a half books, in case you’re reading A Song of Ice and Fire. They come in different sizes and even more shapes to look their very best.

CR004-Quintana of Charyn

Currently Reading #3: Quintana of Charyn

Well, to be exact, it should be „currently not reading.“ On the one hand, I’m moving in two days and have so much to prepare. On the other hand, I’m procrastinating reading this one …

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