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Top Ten Tuesday #35: Books I Abandoned … And Came Back To

Sometimes, I abandon books right in the middle. I just lose interest. My mood changes. I’m indecisive what I actually want to read. I’m too annoyed or appalled to continue. I want to read a new release I’ve been waiting for. Or I don’t have any reason whatsoever …


Top Ten Tuesday #19: Books on My Summer TBR List

… in which I list the books I hope to read over the summer months featuring lies, assassins, werewolves and vampires, dystopias, magic, horses, secrets, and Paris.


Top Ten Tuesday #18: Best Books of the First Half of 2014

Last year, I had exactly ten books on my first read favourites 2013 shelf this time around. This year, however, there are only five. Therefore, I included my five favourite four star novels as well …


Top Ten Tuesday #12: Character Names I Love

Oh, it was so hard to settle with 10 names each. There are so many more which I love and some I know I love but couldn’t remember. So here are my top tens in alphabetical order …

WU 2013_05

Wrap-Up May 2013

May started out great: I read four books in the first week! That blew me away since I hadn’t read much in April. Suddenly, everything seemed possible – even finishing off my whole utopian tbr-list. And then … then I spend two long weekends at home and everything went downhill. It’s the strangest of things, but when I’m surrounded by almost all of my beautiful ~1,300 books, I just don’t get to read at all. There’s a fast Internet connection and four horses that keep me busy. At least I somehow managed to read the book(s) for my fantasy literature seminar but instead of getting back to my list, I spontaneously decided to re-read A Game of Thrones, because we were also discussing it in class and I thought that my memory could use some refreshing. In an act of extreme desperation, I tried to read The Nightmare Affair on the very last day of the month, but I was too slow to finish it in time …

MT 2013_05

Monthly Themes May 2013: Music

In May, there was music in the air. The task was to read one book each that somehow fits one of the following media: record, cassette, CD, and MP3. How we interpreted the connection was pretty much up to ourselves, as long as we could come up with somewhat of a decent explanation …


Montagsfrage: Welche Romanfigur würdest du gerne treffen?

Im Prinzip lässt sich in jedem Buch zumindest eine Person finden, mit der ich gerne mal mindestens ein Schwätzchen halten würde . . .

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