Code Name Verity


End of Year Survey 2015

Yeah, this is beyond silly. I just have a talent for semi-preparing these and then never finish them in time. But I had this one almost done so I just didn’t want to delete it all. And it’s kind of nice reminiscing last years books …


Wrap-Up October 2015

October is one of my favourite months of the year. It’s usually the epitome of what autumn, my favourite season, is all about: sunny days, rainy days, crisp air, creeping fog, colourful leaves, the smell of earth, pumpkin soup, and lots and lots of comfy reading time …


Newbies January 2014

Except for Die Liebe deines Lebens, which was a belated Christmas present, and the three W.i.t.c.h. paperbacks, I got all of the books for my birthday. I’m so glad that my parents want me to write wishlists and then actually get me what’s on them. After all, it’s still a surprise what I get since my lists tend to be awfully long and they just pick a couple of books …