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I Got Tagged #4: Bloggers Come Clean

I got tagged yet again by the lovely Ric of Bed, Book & Tea. So, let’s get going …

What’s Up – May 2014

Oh, hiya! Just that you know, I’m still alive! Well, sort of. I’m dead tired these days and I can’t believe the first half two thirds of May are already over. Anyway, I think it’s time I told you what’s going on in my life right now so you won’t worry about my absence (you probably haven’t noticed it, as little as I blog in general) …


A Good Deed

Being a collector is never easy, especially when it comes to horse novels. Most of them – at least the ones I wanted – were long out of print when I started collecting these books. Therefore, I had to rely on second hand traders. Second hand shops and flea markets are great and I got a considerable number of books at these places. The plus side: if one does not approve of the condition, one does not have to buy the book. However, they tend to have a very limited range, so I turned to eBay for most of my collector career and I really truly love that place. I’ve got hundreds of books there – and that’s no exaggeration! …

Fire is catching! My birthday candles gone rouge - on the kitchen table.

Creature of the Capitol

Creature of the Capitol – that’s not only the title of the bachelor thesis I’ve been writing these last couple of months, it’s exactly how I felt – a slave to the Capitol doing it’s bidding, writing, writing, … oh, have I mentioned writing already? No? Well, writing. 60 pages, if you want to know. Which you don’t because you’re probably sick and tired of my whining – at least if you follow me on Twitter. I really don’t know how my lovely ladies managed to cheer me on all the time. They were probably on their knees begging to let it be the 17th already while they tried to shut me up . . .

CR001-Die Meisterin

Torturing Myself

There’s a situation familiar to every reader, a situation we all love to hate: waiting and waiting and waiting for the next novel in a series. Depending on a couple of factors, this time span can be perceived on a range from barely acceptable to unbearable torture …


Introductions III: Of Languages, Diced Cheese, and Blog Adventures

By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that I have bilingual posts. I have no idea whether I will keep it that way. For now, it’s more or less a test drive, but I’d really like to know what you think about it. Which language do you prefer? English? German? Or would you read both? Any suggestions?

Regardless, I strongly suggest that you stick to the English version if that’s possible since that is the language in which I write my posts (for now). If that changes or if German is the more convenient language for a certain topic, I’ll let you know . . .


Introductions II: About the Readingrat

But who am I anyway? Well, I answer to the beautiful name of Cara. I have to say I really truly love my name, which is Irish for friend and Italian for dear/precious. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to hate it. How do I know that? Well, they tend to call me preferably Clara, but also Carla, Cora, Kira, or something along these lines. And that happens like 95% of the time. When someone instantly gets it right, I’m so happy that I have a hard time to stop myself from flinging my arms around this someone’s neck. Really, what’s so difficult to get a name right that consists of only three letters/phonemes?! They can’t even read it out when it’s right in front of them!

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