Diary of a Readingrat


2016 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

2016 – what a year! And not just on a global level, but on a personal as well. And you know what: I called it.
I celebrated New Year’s Eve with a couple of friends and movies, pizza, Singstar, fireworks, and a very long and very fun walk after midnight. It was reminiscent of the New Year’s celebrations I had in my teens. In every way, actually, which means there was some major drama – a simple misunderstanding that grew into a nasty beast. For some reason, I became the intermediary, which cost my mental and thus physical health dearly, meaning I was a total wreck. Somehow, we managed to kill the beast. Unfortunately, I can be quite superstitious, so on my train home a thought crept into my mind: What if those couple of days were a foreboding of what was to come in 2016? What if the year continued that way? Well …

What better way than to have instagram pictures for this post? From left to right: the maskot of my publisher on my shelf, the entrance to Bamberg cathedral, and bookish uni work.

173,400 Words

Hi there! Do you remember me? Yeah, it’s been a while. Seven months, to be precise. I’m sorry for suddenly disappearing without a trace. I had planned to give you a notice of absence but I deferred until it was pretty pointless to publish it. If you follow me on social media, you might know what’s been going on in my life over the last couple of months. If not, or if you lost track, since I haven’t been that active there either, here’s a summary …

Readingrat 2014_06

A Dream Come True

There. Just look at that! I’m actually crying a little, staring at my screen in awe. This is a dream come true and it is glorious. Actually, it is much more than I‘d ever hoped for. It is just like I wanted it to be. And it only took three years to realise it …


Conflicting Desires or Why I Don’t Blog Although I Want To

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been torn between reading and blogging – and ended up spending a lot of time watching Netflix instead of doing either because I just couldn’t decide which one to pick …


How I Discover New Music #1: Other Lives

Until that fateful day, 18 October 2014, I had never heard of Other Lives, an indie rock band from Oklahoma. That day, I opened Youtube and there it was in my subscription feed: Outlander|| Take Us Alive by Shainira. I had been pondering either starting to watch the show or to read the first book, which was already on my shelf. When it comes to series, I don’t really care about spoilers – if I choose to be spoiled and go actively looking for them, mind you! I often check out a couple of fan videos to get a feeling for a series when I’m not sure about commiting myself, so this one was no exception. What I didn’t anticipate was falling so so so hard for the song …


Dreaming Wide Awake

„You were a very imaginative child and we always supported it. Sometimes I think we overdid it.“
Saying I was shocked doesn’t even begin to cover it. I was flabbergasted, didn’t understand where this notion came from, and my feelings were crushed. That’s not something you expect from your mum in a random conversation. I can’t even remember what we’d talked about. Suddenly, this statement dropped, my face fell and I asked in a squealing voice: „Why?!“ Why did my mum think I’m too imaginative? Is there even such a thing as being too imaginative? Is it really a bad thing? After all, it definitely didn’t sound like a compliment. The answer surprised me. Apparently, my parents have figured me out much more than I believed …


The Golden Trio of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, my favourite TV series, is finally back! Another year of desperately waiting to be reunited with some of my favourite characters of all time has come to an end. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that I’m an ASoIaF/GoT geek. Although I only started reading the novels shortly before the series started – but always stayed ahead of the show – I followed the series from the first episode on. However, I’m not only rejoicing at watching a new episode each week, I’m also looking forward to what I dubbed the „Golden Trio of Game of Thrones“ …

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