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CR005-Mansfield Park

Currently Reading #4: Mansfield Park

In the beginning of May, a part of me thought it was an excellent idea to dive back into my ginormeous omnibus edition of Jane Austen’s novels. After reading Sense and Sensibility for the first and Pride and Prejudice for the third time (although the first time in English), I’m currently on Mansfield Park

CR004-Quintana of Charyn

Currently Reading #3: Quintana of Charyn

Well, to be exact, it should be „currently not reading.“ On the one hand, I’m moving in two days and have so much to prepare. On the other hand, I’m procrastinating reading this one …


Currently Reading #2: Mistborn

Nope, I haven’t finished Outlander yet. I’m far from it. So why am I here with yet another currently reading post? Well, because it’s time for #25hSanderson! Crini and Elena are hosting their first event in the A Year of Reading Brandon Sanderson challenge, which is a 25h read-a-thon starting in half an hour! You don’t need to participate in the challenge to join in the fun. Just grab the closest Sanderson book, head over to Crini or Elena to sign up and get going! There will be a couple of optional tasks and questions, so stay tuned. I will post my updates down below. Oh, and of course there’s a twitter hashtag: #25hSanderson …


Currently Reading #1: Outlander

I got my German copy of Outlander at a large secondhand book sale in March. Back then, I had only heard of the series once or twice but didn’t even know what it’s all about. First and foremost, I bought it because it was cheap and I remembered some bloggers talking about it. That was quite enough to recommend it to me. Soon afterwards, I found out that there would be a TV series and became mildly excited. Still, the book ended up on my TBR pile …

CR001-Die Meisterin

Torturing Myself

There’s a situation familiar to every reader, a situation we all love to hate: waiting and waiting and waiting for the next novel in a series. Depending on a couple of factors, this time span can be perceived on a range from barely acceptable to unbearable torture …