SuBsalabim September 2017

03rd September 2017


SuBsalabim [SuB = the German equivalent for TBR pile & Simsalabim = German equivalent of abracadabra] is a TBR reduction challenge a couple of friends and I started last year. Basically, every month we get a TBR pile of five books, one pick of each of the other contenders. The goal is to read as many of these as possible during the month or the year to score points. The gist is to read books one might not choose oneself to read next. It’s fun. And we’re more or less competitive and constantly argue about maxing out the fairness of our scoring system.



Alex’s Pick: Was ein Pferd nicht alles kann [OT: A Horse Called September] by Anne Digby

On my TBR since: unknown
Background: Unknown as in „I have no idea when or where I got this one.“ I really have no clue. If I believe my book census list I started in 2008, then I must have acquired this one pre-2008, because I do have information on more or less all of the books that came after.

Eva’s Pick: Manners & Mutiny (Finishing School, #4) by Gail Carriger

On my TBR since: 2015
Background: I had this preordered since I love all things Gail Carriger. However, since I actually read the first three books without rereading the previous instalments each time the next book was published – usually I always reread if there’s a year or more in between books – I have forgotten much that happened. So I planned on at least rereading the first three books before this one to have the whole series fresh in my memory. That never happened, so I still haven’t read this one yet.

Andrea’s Pick: Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet, #1) by R.J. Anderson

On my TBR since: 2013
Background: Um, although I know that I own this book, I don’t remember what it’s about. Or why I got it. I kind of do remember that I got it either for Christmas or my birthday (I’m guessing the latter. Let’s see whether I’m correct … *opens excel TBR spread* … birthday it is!).

Steffi’s Pick: On the Fence by Kasie West

On my TBR since: 2014
Background: I read West’s The Distance Between Us in 2014 in one sitting and completely adored it. Although I then read and not quite liked Pivot Point (meh) and Split Second (ok), I have bought each and every one of her contemporaries although I have yet to read a single one of those. Looks like I’ll finally get started …

Isi’s Pick: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

On my TBR since: 2015
Background: Victoria Schwab was raving about this one on Twitter, so when I stumbled upon it in my favourite remainder bookshop in Munich I just had to get it. So far, I’ve only heard good things about it. Let’s hope I’ll enjoy it as well!

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2 responses

  • Ultraviolet hast du dann ja gleich mal abgehakt. 😀

    An Manners & Mutiny könnte ich mich ruhig auch mal setzen, aber irgendwie hab ich gerade absolut keine Lust auf die Reihe. Was ein bisschen komisch ist, weil ich die vorherigen Bücher alle mochte und auch nicht wirklich was zu mosern hatte …

    Bin auch gespannt, was du zu „The Song of Achilles“ sagst“

    … außerdem fällt mir gerade auf, dass ich auf Deutsch geantwortet habe und dass der Beitrag auf Englisch ist. Manchmal vergisst mein Hirn mir zu sagen, dass da verschiedene Sprachen zugange sind. xD

    • Das war das dickste, das wollte ich gleich loswerden! Aber es hat sich ja auch gut und schnell gelesen, auch wenn ich nicht so ganz weiß, was ich eigentlich davon halten soll. Mal sehn, wohin es dann im zweiten führt.

      Echt nicht? Gail geht doch eigentlich immer! Leider finde ich einfach nicht die Zeit fürs Rereaden, das werde ich wahrscheinlich schieben müssen.

      The Song of Achilles gefällt mir bisher ja recht gut. Ich hoffe, ich bekomm das diesen Monat noch fertig. Schaut bisher aber ganz gut aus.

      Das ist doch egal, ich versteh schließlich beides xD !