Book Census 2013

Book Census 2013

I hardly dare to tell you that I actually don’t know how many books I own. On the other hand, you might have noticed that by now. I know this sounds completely crazy. It is crazy. And I do hate it so I’m going to change this today – or at least I’m going to try …

R012-Der lange Ritt nach Hause

Review: Der lange Ritt nach Hause

Ja, es ist mal wieder ein Pferdebuch – allerdings eines, das mir wirklich viel bedeutet und das ich schon unzählige Male gelesen habe. Warum das so ist? Nun, die Hauptperson heißt Cara und als ich das damals im Klappentext gelesen habe, war es vollkommen um mich geschehen. In meiner ganzen Zeit als Leseratte sind mir bisher nur zwei Bücher untergekommen, in denen die Hauptperson Cara hieß (beides Pferdebücher, das andere, noch viel verblüffendere, ist ebenfalls für die Challenge vorgesehen), und auch als Nebencharakter machen sich die Caras rar. Auf Anhieb fallen mir da nur die Sword of Truth Reihe (die ich selbst noch nicht gelesen habe) und Divergent ein. ‚Kara‘ bin ich allerdings schon etwas häufiger begegnet, aber das zählt beim besten Willen nicht. Interessanterweise heißt die Protagonistin im Original noch nicht einmal Cara sondern Carey . . .

W01 - EisblumenSchneekristalle

Eisblumen und Schneekristalle / Ice Flowers and Snow Crystals

Eisblumen & Schneekristalle (engl. Ice Flowers & Snow Crystals) is one of my beloved abandoned projects. I don’t know when I started it, nor do I know what kind of story I wanted to tell, which ultimately led to my abrupt stop. I just wrote it without thinking, without knowing where it would lead. It fits perfectly into Christmas time, so I thought I’d share it with you. I recommend reading it in German if possible, since this is the language I originally wrote it in …


Top Ten Tuesday #15: New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2013

I got lucky and discovered a couple of amazing authors this year! …

R011-The Treason of Isengard

Fun Facts for LotR Fans and Those Who’d Like to Impress Them

Nerd alert! If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, this might interest you. I compiled a list of 9 fun facts about the characters, the storylines, and the writing process I learned in The Treason of Isengard


Top Ten Tuesday #14: Books on My Winter TBR List

I have no idea why I’m actually still doing these lists, since I generally never read more than two of the books I put on them. Oh well, at least its fun! I’m planning on reading quite a lot of novels that suggest cold in one way or another …

CR001-Die Meisterin

Torturing Myself

There’s a situation familiar to every reader, a situation we all love to hate: waiting and waiting and waiting for the next novel in a series. Depending on a couple of factors, this time span can be perceived on a range from barely acceptable to unbearable torture …

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